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Piccolo felt Gotenks' approach to the Lookout, it was over.

"You didn't defeat Buu! I can still sense his energy down there. You have to eliminate all traces of him, even if a single bit of him remains, he can regenerate. Ugh, anyone else would've taken that extra precaution after we beat Cell but you weren't really around for that."

"Hey, I did my best! It's not my fault that he's got nothing but energy stored up in all that fat!" Gotenks responded, clearly bitter about the loss.

"And apparently he eats anything as well; he brought a rather large amount of gum with him."

"Gum?" Piccolo inquired.

"Yeah, it was all grey and stuff, I know he likes candy so I don't know why he'd pick something like that to eat."

"…It's not gum…" Dende said, still looking down at the planet by the ledge. Gotenks couldn't for the life of him figure out what else Buu would have with him in that shape and color.

"It's…some kind of clay; he built a house out of it."

"What?! He turned people into a mudhouse?!" Gotenks yelled.


The fusion wore off and the boys separated just then. Piccolo took note of that. "It didn't take him very long at all to beat you. We're going to have to take some more drastic measures to kill this monster."

"Piccolo, would you reconsider that?" Dende asked.

"What? Why?"

"Buu built a house so…he's planning to live there right? He might not be as wild as he was under Babidi's control after all. I think we've at least got time if nothing else."

"That's a good point. Once we get the Dragon Balls and Goku's back, we'll be better prepared too."

Dende resumed staring at Buu's new residency. He thought about how this might affect things. If Buu could be tamed somehow, perhaps fighting wouldn't even be necessary.

Back at the Kaioshin planet ("Sacred world of the Kais"), Gohan was getting better at handling the sword; it wasn't an hour before he had full speed and mobility with it.

"That's the way, Gohan!" Videl cheered. Shin had to agree. To think that his hunch would be correct in choosing Gohan for this task.

"Hey Supreme Kai, how about we test the sharpness of this blade?"

"I was thinking the same thing." Shin said, he then raised his arm and produced a black cube.

"This is Katchin, it's the strongest material in the universe, ready?" He then made a throwing motion and the Katchin flew toward Gohan. Just as he swung, an object distracted him.

"Whoa, watch where you swing that thing!" Goku yelled, having appeared from thin air.

"Dad?! What are you doing here? Isn't your day up?"

"Yeah, but this is technically part of the next world so I guess there's no problem."

"Goku, how did you find this place?" Shin asked.

"Oh, I just detected Gohan's energy and locked onto it."

"So much for secrecy." Shin said reluctantly. But it didn't have to be a bad thing. Goku was probably a much better suited teacher for Gohan, being his father, Shin thought.

"Goku, I'm teaching Gohan how to handle the Z sword, although I think he's got the hang of it now."

"Ohhh, is that what you were doing?  Let me help!" Goku then grabbed the black object Gohan had swung at and took a stance a bit of a distance away.

"Ready Gohan?" Goku then heaving back and shot the object at Gohan. The block flew past Gohan and crashed.

"Gohan, don't tell me you missed that!"

"I couldn't have I…" Gohan looked down at the sword he had swung with. It was half the sword it used to be. "I guess it's the Z dagger now…hehe…"

Shin's mouth was agape. "You…you…BROKE THE Z SWORD!"

Gohan was feeling a bit sorry for the Kai but not really sure how great a sword that could break so easily could be.

A voice spoke next to where Videl was sitting. "Calm down, son. It's unsightly to see a Kai so high strung."

"Who…are you?" Videl questioned.

"Me? I'm a Kai." The old looking Kai said.

"Kai?! But I'm the only Supreme Kai left!"

"I was locked away in that sword you see, it's good thing you broke it…" The old Kai continued to explain how he was fused with a witch and eventually trapped in the sword.

"Wow, you mean there's another type of fusion?" Goku wondered.

"Yes, and it's much more refined than that dance you're probably familiar with."

"Wow, can we have your earrings? We could totally beat Buu with that!"

"I suppose, but the fusion is permanent."

"WHAT?! Oh man, that sucks."

"Yes, perhaps you want to seek other methods of destroying this Buu creature you mentioned." The old Kai said.

"Well, the only other way I can think of is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber." Goku suggested. He and Gohan had spent time there training to beat Cell, and it had paid off as far as their power was concerned.

"Actually, I had something in mind." The old Kai continued.

"Oh? Something even better than a year or two's worth of training?" Goku was intrigued.

"Indeed, did you know that you could train for thirty years and not realize your full potential?"

"What could possibly be that great?"

"It's an ability of mine you see. I can, with my power, unleash a being's full dormant potential, should it exist."

"Oh wow." Goku was surprised to hear of such a power.

"But I'm afraid you won't do. You've reached your full potential, the only thing you could do is polish it to perfection through training." The old Kai added.

"Oh…well that's fine, I like training. How about Gohan?"

"The boy…has latent potential yet to be unlocked."

Gohan was confused. "What? I thought Guru helped with that….and then there was training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber."

"Yes, but you can only unleash certain parts of your potential when you're physically strong enough. I suspect this could be the last, but it varies from person to person."

"'ll do it?"

"I can do this but…it would come at a cost."

"What is it?"

The old Kai turned his back on them and took a few steps. After careful thought, he articulated the price.  "A kiss from a beautiful woman."

Everyone fell face first into the sacred ground.

"Fine, that can be arranged. Let's start the ritual or whatever." Gohan just wanted to get this over with, if it was really all that in the first place.

"Hold on just a second lad, I want to see this beautiful woman first."

"Oh…ok…" Gohan looked over to his dad, who threw his shoulders up, clueless.

"She'll do." The old Kai said, looking Videl's way.

Gohan looked at the same direction before turning back. "Oh…WHAT NO WAY!! I'LL KILL YOU!" He said with his fist raised.

"Now Gohan, there's no need for that. Let me just teleport over to Earth and grab Bulma."

"There's an easier way to make the assessment." Shin said from the sidelines.

"We could just use a crystal ball to see who you mean." He suggested reluctantly, still clearly not over the perversion level of the elder Kai.

"Oh, that'd be simpler." Goku replied. The ball appeared 'poof' out of thin air and they gathered around. The image of Bulma came up.

"Hm, ok deal." The old Kai said.

"Great, but time is of the essence, could we do that part later?" Goku asked.

"Fine, fine. Come here boy, just stand still…" The old Kai then started encircling Gohan in a manner that resembled a crazed dance. It would be a while.

Back on Earth, things were more or less hectic. Piccolo and Dende took note of Hercule Satan's approach on Buu. The man had managed to befriend the creature without getting killed. It all came to an end when Hercule was shot by a bandit and Buu's fury dislodged the true evil from within. The new evil quickly beat and absorbed the fat Buu through delicious means. The new "Super Buu" was much stronger than the previous incarnations. After thinking for some time, and deciding not to kill the revived Hercule, Buu flew upwards.

"This…monster, he's not…he can't be." Dende realized where Buu was headed.

"Everyone, prepare yourselves, Buu is coming here!!" Piccolo yelled. Everyone was taken aback. Yamcha and Krillin had just arrived with all the Dragon Balls.

"Yamcha, Krillin, throw them away! We can't let them be destroyed!" Piccolo commanded.

"Crap, and we just got them too." Krillin complained as he and Yamcha threw them all straight down. Hopefully no one would summon the Dragon but Krillin surmised that they would likely be guarded by Goku's old native friends Upa and Bora who lived by Korin's tower. It wasn't a second later that Buu showed up just above them all. He looked around as though searching for someone in particular.

"Produce." Buu spoke.

"What?" Piccolo wondered.


"Produce what?"

"The fighter I was promised."

Piccolo remembered that Goku had promised the fat Buu a fight with a strong warrior, that warrior was none other than Gotenks. However, Trunks and Goten were sleeping in Dende's accommodations.  Piccolo spoke telepathically to Mr.Popo, telling him to take the kids to the time chamber to get extra practice and prepare for the fight with Buu.

"Is the fighter here or not?" Buu asked, getting impatient.

"He's here, but he's resting."

"Then wake him."

"We can't, he needs his sleep, just like you do right? Just give him an hour." Piccolo manifested an hourglass.

Buu decided he didn't give a damn. "PRODUCE!"

"You could do something else in the meantime, you like killing right? Why not go have fun on Earth?" Piccolo decided he was out of options and suggested mass murder. Buu was more devious than that however. He paced the Lookout and unleashed an endless stream of blasts that engulfed the planet. Nearly everyone was dead.

'I'm sorry people of Earth, but I know the Dragon can bring you all back.' Piccolo said, clearly disturbed by the consequences of his suggestion. After another half hour, Buu once again grew frustrated. Before he decided to kill the few remaining on the Lookout, Piccolo acted.

"Fine, I'll take you to him, it's this way." Piccolo figured he could stall in the structure of the Lookout for a minute or two but then Buu would likely catch on. Trunks and Goten took the advantage Piccolo had given them and gotten rest, fusion training, and food. Dende contacted Piccolo telepathically before they got to the entrance. "What's the plan? Only two beings can be in there at once, Buu won't be able to enter if they're not fused."

"Damn, I hadn't thought about that…" It was too late now, the entrance was already there. Buu reached for the handle.

"Wait, Buu, he's still-" Buu opened the door anyway but before he could take a single step forward, he was sent hurling backwards.

"Haha! How do you like that, Majin Buu?" Gotenks spoke. He had exited the room and planted his foot in Buu's face.

Back on Kaioshin, Goku felt the power of Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. "Oh wow, is that was it feels like from the outside? I can't believe we can feel Super Saiyan 3 in the other world and this far away."

Shin thought Goku had figured it out by now but apparently not, so he explained it to him. "Goku, it's not really another world you know, the fact that you could use your instant transmission to bring that creature Cell to the North Kai's planet was proof enough wasn't it? It's just really far away."

"Whoa, I guess you're right but…how do our souls just jump to another part of the universe when we die? That doesn't make any sense."

"It's just the way our universe works. Although there are times when a soul doesn't do that and is able to wander the planet, it's not untrue that people have seen ghosts."

"That's pretty bizarre alright."

Gohan was already in the meditative state with the Old Kai, having already finished the dancing ritual. But the forces colliding on Earth had Goku worried.

Gohan was also losing his calm now. "Hey, is there a way to make things go any faster? Gotenks in this form is much stronger, strong enough to beat the old Buu, but this new form…this new Buu is a different kind of monster. His evil made him stronger somehow. I don't think Gotenks can do this by himself."

The Old Kai was reading a comic but had heard everything being said. "This will take several more hours."

"If the fight is happening now, we don't have hours. If Gotenks loses then what do you think Buu will do?" Gohan asked.

Shin knew the answer all too well. "The fact that Goku convinced this evil beast to await a fight is astounding enough. Buu simply destroys a planet, as is his nature. I'm afraid that's exactly what he'll do when there's no one else left on Earth who's strong enough to take him on."

"Then I have to go NOW!" Gohan said, getting up.

"You, your latent potential hasn't fully been realized yet. You're technically no stronger than you were since before I began my ritual."

"Then I'll have to help however I can." Gohan answered.

"…No, you mentioned this Hyperbolic Chamber. I am familiar with the dimension. You can finish realizing your powers in there. I don't know exactly how much time you can afford. A Kai might take a couple years to completely finish but you…I'd give you a month or two tops." The Old Kai said. Gohan did the math in his head "That's two to four hours in the real world. I'll finish it sooner, somehow."

"Since you will be by yourself, the key is intense mental concentration and state of mind. Pushing yourself to the limits physically will also be required since I won't be there."

"You mean you can't come?" Gohan asked.

"It's not my place. But be warned young one, I sensed great turmoil in your heart. Instead of thinking to kill your enemy, think about protecting your loved ones in the fight." The Old Kai said. He clearly had a long past, perhaps it was better if he didn't have to get directly involved with Buu, Gohan thought.

"I'd go with you, son, but I've already been there twice so my time is up. I'm also still dead." Goku stated.

"I guess I'll be by myself then. Any chance of getting a lift?"

"I'll teleport you, Gohan." Shin said.

"You're not thinking of ditching me are you Gohan?" Videl said. She had been awfully patient this whole time.

"Videl, it's safer for you h-"

"Do you really think that's going to work?" Videl asked coyly.

"No. Well I guess it will be a party of two then." Gohan then walked over to his dad. "I guess this is it huh?"

Goku nodded. "Yeah, and be careful, son. You know what the bet is."

Gohan said his goodbyes then joined Videl and the Supreme Kai. As soon as the fighting had moved to lower levels of the planet, Shin teleported them to the Lookout.

"Get in while you can, there's no doubt he'll be able to sense you even with your Ki suppressed." Shin said before teleporting back to Kaioshin. Gohan and Videl made a run for the innards of the Lookout. Dende and the others of course noticed.

"Gohan? What's going-"

"No time, Dende, we've got to get to the Time Chamber."

Dende could see they were in a hurry, he directed Mr. Popo to lead them there. He did so and closed the door behind them, and Gohan's presence vanished.

"That was Gohan! What's going on? Why did he just run away?!"  Chichi shook Dende.

"He didn't explain but…damn, Buu must have noticed the extra energy signature." Dende had detected it and Buu wasn't far off, he couldn't possibly have been fooled if he wasn't distracted enough with Gotenks. Chichi backed off, she knew what that could mean. Just then, Krillin powered up and took off, probably to confuse Buu into thinking it was just him.

"I hope that works and Buu's rustier with his detection than before…" Dende commented. Gotenks continued his fight down on Earth, with Piccolo watching the battle closely. It was an even fight, but if Gotenks didn't end it quickly, his fusion time would run out and everyone would be helpless. In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan felt nostalgia from when he was here last training with his dad. The air quality, the heavier gravity, the endless white. Videl came off the last step to be met with the change in gravity.

"Wow! This is crazy, you're actually going to train in this?!" She said, trying to keep herself standing straight.

"Yeah, it's nothing once you get used to it. Well, I guess it's more intense for you since you're just hu-" Gohan didn't finish the rest of that sentence, noticing the death glare in Videl's eyes.

"Right, well I should probably get to my first round of meditation. I've got less than seven days before Gotenks' fusion runs out."

The day passed slowly, Gohan sat perfectly still for most of it while Videl took a couple strolls around the only building in sight. Gohan had warned her against wandering off due to the infinite expanse of the dimension. The walk was quite short due to the gravity. Even as an experienced fighter, her barely over 100 lb. body was over 1,000 lbs here. She made it back to the normal gravity retreat and took a breather. It could be fatal to trip out there for her. She decided to take a cool bath and that's when Gohan returned. He clearly had the same intention as he entered the bathroom not a second after she had gotten into the tub.

"Oh hey, sorry I'll wait my turn." He said and turned back around.

"It's ok, Gohan." Videl said. Gohan turned back, but didn't stare too much, trying to be polite.

"Wow, I'm surprised you're covered in sweat, Mr. Savior of Earth."

"Oh, nah, it's just the humidity out there." He replied. Videl was a tiny bit irked by that as well; the guy could just sit out there weighing some crazy number of pounds, in humidity for nearly ten hours and not actually be sweaty?

"You know, you could at least pretend like it was a bit challenging." She said, submerging her mouth and making angry bubbles.

"Haha, I guess. The concentration part might take a while to get used to."

"What do you mean? You've meditated before haven't you?"

"Yeah but I think it'll take some level of concentration above what I've done before. And it's a bit hard to do it the way things are…"

"What do you mean?" She inquired.

"Well, it's a bit tough to concentrate when….you girlfriend's…err…"

Videl stared at him, not quite understanding where he was going.

"When I'm…what?"

"You know…making those sounds."

"What sounds?" Videl tried to remember what she did, which was simply take a few meters stroll with the effort of a hundred mile marathon.

"Those...moans." He said, looking away.

"That? Well it wasn't easy for me to walk in that environment. Sorry if I disturbed you." She said with realization, this whole point of this was for him to get stronger.

"No, it's not that you're making noise. It's…the kinds of noises you make…"

Videl didn't quite get it.

"Sexy, okay?! Sexy noises, I couldn't keep my mind off you." He came out and said, red in the face. Videl looked at him, surprised by his revelation. He thought that was sexy?

"You're a bit of a pervert." She said, half jokingly.

"Yeah, I must be." He said with his hands locked behind his head. With things quite for the moment, Videl again lowered herself a bit into the clear water. She looked at his form just leaning against the wall, her eyes centered on his chest. "Gohan, why don't you join me? I wouldn't mind." She said shyly.

"What? Are you sure?"

"Come on."

Gohan took off his shirt and everything else. Videl only caught a glimpse of his nether regions before his quickly lowered himself into the tub, his back on the other side. He had appeared to be quite well endowed.

"Whew, nothing beats a cool bath after that kind of, well; I suppose it's still called weather in here."

"Grr, you know you saw me topless first." Videl stated out of the blue.


"All this time you've trained, for the tournament, on that Kai's planet. You've never taken your shirt off. But you saw me in here!"

"Oh, uh, sorry?"

Videl wasn't all that angry. She was more anxious than anything, she realized.

"That's ok, I saw your penis."

"HUH?!" Gohan said wide eyed. Videl blushed.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, it's definitely not something to be ashamed of."

"Yeah, but…hey!" He realized she had gotten on all fours and inched closer to him. She turned around and leaned back on him.

"You don't mind…do you?" She said, extremely embarrassed herself. She had decided to make the first inevitable move in this situation.

"Uh, of course not!" He said. He had wanted to do more with Videl from that one day in training, but it didn't feel right for him unless it felt right for her. She had complemented how large he was and leaned on him, it was clear she was now ready for more. He wrapped his arms around her waist in a hug; she could feel all of his muscles on her back, including the large and erect one. She knew that there was some reason she shouldn't take things further with him today, but it escaped her at the moment. Videl took and guided his right arm upwards, wrapping his hand with hers around one of her breasts.

"Do whatever you want to me, Gohan." She said. Gohan proceeded to massage her breast, teasing her nipple concurrently. His left arm reached farther down and reached her clit. The water temperature had changed dramatically.

"Well you're certainly able to make your energy visible now." Gohan said. The water had gone from cool to warm and as Gohan worked her lower lips, very hot.

"Do you…want me to take care of that for you?" Videl asked shyly, referring to the ever hardened tree of his that was all but massaging her lower back as well.


She reached around with one hand and touched his hard member. "Your back massager here's been begging for attention."

"If, uh, you wouldn't…mind that is."

She turned around and with an all too excited smile, she inhaled and went under water. After a couple minutes, she came back up.

"Only two minutes?" Gohan teased at her limited lung capacity.

"Hey, I've got a lot to work with down here." She said and went back under. After another couple minutes, he was approaching his peak.

"Are you close?" She asked.

"Yeah but…" He hesitated to say more.

"What is it?"

"I'd rather finish with you. Sorry, I'm going too fast again, aren't I? We don't have to- "

"I'm…okay with that." She stated.

"Huh? Wait, really?"

"Yeah, I really love you Gohan. I want to go all the way with you."

"Oh…wow!" He could hardly believe his ears.

"But I'm not going to make it that easy. I want to do it on the bed, after we're dried." She said. Did she think that would torture him? She was very wrong. Right after she got up and out of the tub, Gohan instantly did the same. Before Videl could turn around and see the sudden splash that he had made getting out, he grabbed her in his arms and was standing in front of the new bed placed in the chamber.

"Hey wait…we're not dry yet!" Videl said, with an all too wicked smile on her face.

"Oh, just a sec." Gohan said and raised his power level sky high, drying them both in the process.

"There we go."

Videl wasn't even angry, she was impressed.

"Hey, Videl. If you were just teasing me, that's fine. You don't have to do this." He said with a serious look on his face, he really did respect her far too much to take advantage.

"No, I was serious too, I want you Gohan." She responded, she too was anticipating it more now. He laid her on the bed, she immediately rolled him over and got on top. "You know, you have the perfect body." She said, her head on his chest and her hands stroking him all over. She sat up, just between his abs and lower hips. His abs were sculpted as if from stone, but he was warm and sure enough delicate to her touch. He thrusted his hips a little.

"My, aren't you antsy?" She teased.

Despite the increasing wetness he felt from her on his lower body, he was convinced she was completely able to hold back her impulses. He was definitely wrong, as was proven with her response. "Yeah, ok, but let me do this myself." She regained that cute pleading face she didn't show anyone else. He knew she was serious so he stopped his movements to let her do it at her own pace. She lifted herself up and got farther back so that his member was right in front of her. She got a good look the part of him she would welcome into herself. Despite the intimidating size, she was now anticipating it more than she was nervous. She was very much turned on and it was then that she recalled why this was a bad idea. It wasn't a safe day. But her heart was already his and in her mind she knew that she couldn't possibly ever want anyone else. But would the risk be worth it? She found out that her willpower to resist him had faded to nothingness the day of the tournament and she couldn't possibly have felt any better about it…at least not until now. She lifted back up and guided him to her entrance. With a slight bit of pressure, his head slipped in, causing her to moan a very pleasurable "Ah!"

It felt like the rest of him would slide in with little effort so she took care to do it carefully. Every passing millimeter built up that much more pleasure. His tip reached her virginity, she barely hesitated a second before pushing some more and allowing him into the most sacred parts of her body. Gohan, who was under a great deal of pressure to simply move himself in all at once, then he saw the blood. Videl of course had felt it too but it was more of a numb obstacle that simply gave away at her insistence. Videl's face only grew more satisfied so Gohan knew she was better than fine. After he was fully inside her, Videl's expression changed to that of great concentration.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt but…I'm trying to get used to…all of you." After Videl was a bit more comfortable, Gohan took the initiative and retracted from her slowly. He reentered and repeated that going faster each successive time. He gauged his movements based on the look on her face and the moans she made. After a few times her face only showed ecstasy and her breathing became more emotional and less enduring. He was able to go faster with new confidence as she lubricating him more and more. Eventually, her muscles responded on their own volition, squeezing in anticipation of each of his successive thrusts. She didn't realize it until he started grunting more and more and felt his penis start pulsing in preparation. He was literally just about to come. It was her last chance to dodge the bullet and her mind definitely registered that.

'He's going to come. I'm going to come. He shouldn't inside…not today but....I don't want him to do it outside either!"

She kept moving her hips and didn't relent in the least; she tightened up and pushed her hips down one last time.

"V-Videl!" Gohan said aloud as her final move sealed his response. He came much more intensely than she thought. Gohan grabbed her hips and thrusted upward fiercely multiple times. She felt surges of heat pierce her multiple times as his seed filled essence combined with her insides. After just a few thrusts, she too went over the edge and yelled his name as her body rode on top of his like a wave on top of another wave "Ah, Gohan!!"

After the nearly minute long ride was over, Gohan relaxed his grip on her hips. Videl wasn't entirely sure why she did what she did, was it some kind of reproductive instinct? Desire to feel him inside her?  Was there really even a distinction between the two? It didn't matter now. She collapsed on top of him but used her arms to stop herself. The sudden stop dropped a couple beads of sweat onto Gohan below.

He panted and spoke. "That was amazing…you're ok right? I've never lost control next to someone like…"

"Gohan, I'm not that weak." Videl said with a smile. She finally let herself lie on him with her ear on his chest, listening to his heart rate slowing down now. He motioned her up and kissed her forehead.

"Hey, I'm sweaty you know." She said slightly embarrassed. She knew that he didn't sweat that much, at least not when they had trained together, but he too was as overcome like herself now.

"After kissing here and there, taking a bath together, and doing what we just did, I don't think that's the craziest thing we've done."

"But it's still…" Videl trailed off. Gohan did have a point.

Gohan finally realized something else of importance that had happened. "Oh no! I came inside you. Is it ok today?"

"…No." Videl responded. Gohan was unresponsive.

"It's ok though Gohan, I could've stopped you more than once."

"What do you mean? You're ok if you get…?"

"I'd be happy to have yours, Gohan. It's hard to dodge a bullet when you've already been struck by an arrow to the heart." She said turning red at that cliché sounding line. Gohan laid back down and smiled at her. She was definitely happy and he didn't see himself with anyone else, ever. Videl realized exactly how rash what she had done and said was. Her old self would probably punch her for this, but her old self didn't know what true love was.

Gohan was still a bit shocked at the revelation and confession. It was a simple thing for his parents to get married at a young age, was it really crazy for him? The only thing that could be of hindrance would be school, which they could probably manage. His parents would be thrilled most likely. Hercule might take a bit of convincing but in the end it wouldn't take much more than the look on his daughter's face to have his vote of approval. Hercule hadn't seen Videl smile in a long time until recently.

"I'm happy, Videl. I really am." He said at last. Videl smiled at him the happiest now he'd ever seen her.

Next chapter concludes the story. Hope you've enjoyed it.

And Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

The first four chapters are available in my Dragon Ball gallery, you can also find the whole thing and my other stories on my fanfiction page:

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